The Emerald Isle of Ireland calls to the heart on St.Patrick’s Day. Clovers seem to pop up all over and the entire world dons a bright green. While most look for leprechauns and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the residents at Santa Teresita have already found their treasure: the treasure of friendship and genuine love.


This year, a small musical group of young adults entered into the joy of this friendship and delighted our hearts with traditional Irish melodies. With a couple of fiddles, a keyboard, guitar and several different flutes and whistles, it seemed as if we could see the rolling hills of Ireland. As the music filled the hall, we danced (some of us on our feet, but all of us in our hearts) to the lively beat of the music. At the end of our time together, Irish eyes were smiling and hearts were united in a unique friendship.

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