As a child, I am sure one of my first words was “Ball.” For some reason, I still feel a surge of great excitement upon seeing a large round colorful sphere. Recently, I found out, I am not alone.


One of our residents is an avid baseball aficionado. As a boy and young man, I am sure he would pray for a grand slam as he swung the bat with all his might. He still enjoys watching it on television and occasionally will tell us his favorite teams. Lately, he has grown more tired and finds it difficult to open his eyes.


But today, his eyes were wide and sparkled with life. What brought about this change?  A young college student and a big beach ball. While on the lawn, enjoying a quiet breeze and some music, one student launched a ball into the air. Catching the sight through slightly opened eyes, he came to life.


Soon an energetic game catch was in full swing. His eyes danced with joy as he laughed at each volley. I can hardly wait until the next time I can join him in having a ball.

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