The small group eagerly piled into the waiting vehicle. They could hardly wait to arrive at their destination. It had been quite a while since some had gone to the ice rink and for one it was her first time.

And who was in this adventuresome group? Two sisters and several enthusiastic seniors. They were not anticipating the joy of ice skating themselves, but rather the genuine pleasure of watching others simply enjoy themselves. They braved the cold arena with coats and gloves (and walkers, too) and received just what they hoped for.

As they watched, a three-year old girl skated around the rink with her mother. As she passed in front of our little group, she decided to show a little flare. Holding both of her mother’s hands, she lifted up one foot as if she were a genuine performing ice skater. Her feat was amply rewarded by cheers and applause. At each turn around the rink, the scene was repeated.

A real connection seemed to form between our little group of seniors and one little girl. Who says you need a lot to bridge the generation gap? All that is needed is a little genuine encouragement and lots of love!

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