Santa Teresita…a Neighborhood of Care

Looking down from my office on the fourth floor, I noticed that multi-colored stripped umbrellas lined the sidewalk and were scattered upon the green grass. Then a couple of beach balls showed up and I could resist it no longer. The day was so beautiful, the sun so warm, and it looked like something fun was about to happen.


Venturing across the campus, I approached the group of umbrellas. What appeared to be only umbrellas from the fourth floor turned out to be an entire group of our residents in wheelchairs, contentedly seated in the shade of the umbrella attached to their chairs. Then the fun began!


A group of children from the Hayden Childcare Center arrived and brought smiles to each face as they played upon the green grass. My favorite part came when the beach balls began to be thrown into the air. One of the gentlemen that normally keeps his eyes closed came to life at the sight of the balls. Soon, he was enthusiastically throwing his hands up in the air to hit the flying ball. His smile was almost as bright as the sun and it warmed my heart.


The fun concluded with a guitar-led sing along that had everyone clapping. A group of college students on Spring Break led the songs along with the resident’s favorite guitar player, Jan. One lively senior even stood up to dance to the music and the years seem to melt away as she moved freely with her walker close behind her. Yes, spring has sprung and it has come time again for fun in the sun.

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