A Day in the Life of Santa Teresita…A Neighborhood of Care

No words can describe the relationship between man and creation. At times, just the mere sight of a magnificent creature is enough to raise the soul to God.

One creature that seems to especially attract our attention is “man’s best friend.” These energetic bundles of fur never cease to excite and please us as they pounce around, anxious for our caresses. Is it any wonder, then, that there presence can be a source of healing as well?

Whenever pets come to visit Santa Teresita (which is, at minimum, weekly) a breathe of fresh air seems to blow through the room. Eyes that had been closed in weariness, come to life with new enthusiasm. Voices grown tired find new songs to sing as they call the animal closer. Arms that passively lay in the lap are suddenly raised with vigor and strength as they reach out to embrace the newcomer.

When you see such life suddenly appear, there is little doubt why dogs have been called man’s best friend.

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