With all the weather changes, I can sometimes get confused on what season we are actually experiencing. In California, the sun tends to shine all year long varying in intensity only slightly. This time of year usually brings a break in the heat and a gentle approach to fall and winter. Therefore, I was quite surprised to see two blue birds perched atop a little sapling in our wild flower meadow.

Granted, I do not know much about birds, but judging from the song “Winter Wonderland,” most people do not see bluebirds just beginning to appear right now.  Yet, there they were, merrily singing amidst the bright yellow flowers.  I laughed to myself as another song popped into my head, “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah.”  While the bluebirds did not decide to perch upon my shoulder, it reminded me that Our Lord continually calls us to springtime joy. Each day, He offers us graces to grow closer to him.

Here at Santa Teresita we are blessed to care for the elderly as they enjoy the last years of their life. Most people would not think of this time as the springtime of life, but as you live here you might be surprised by what you experience. A beautiful song of joy and love can be heard in the depths of your soul as you witness our elders approaching the true springtime of life.

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