One of my great joys is hearing the wonderful experiences of each sister in her day to day interactions. Many times, they share precious gems such as this beautiful event which I have called a Tale of Two Stars: The day started out with excitement, a new student was coming to Hayden Child Care today! When he walked through the door in his neatly pressed uniform, one look confirmed his anxiety. This was the first time he had been to school and away from mommy. Big tears welled up an threatened to spill over in a veritable flood.

The rest of children had already gathered in front of a blank felt board. One can imagine the thoughts running through his little head as he stepped into the classroom. Anticipating nothing but fear, he never imagined the joy to ensue. The teacher stepped forward and gently grasped his hand. “Come with me. You can sit right next to me.” Coming up to the felt board, she placed two small items in his hands. “Hold onto these until I tell you.” A little intrigued by the bright colored felt pieces in his hand, one larger than the other; he began to listen to the story.

“In the beginning, when God created the world, there was nothing but darkness…” the felt board was blank and dark. “THEN God spoke. Do you know what He said? Let there be light! And guess what happened?” Sister Maria Olga leaned over and whispered, “Go ahead, put them up there.” Placing the two bright little pieces on the board, the story of creation came to life as the Mommy and the Baby star appeared on the board. God made the light; he made the stars; and little Andrew got to bring it to life in the classroom. The amazement at this new discovery lit up his face and dried up the large drops in his eyes. A great look of wonder replaced the fear. A whole new world seemed to open up before him just because he got to hold two little stars in his hand until the right time.

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