Eight pairs of little legs hustled across the parking lot accompanied by Ms. Patricia and Sister Lourdes. Hand in hand, two by two, the small group of Hayden Child Care students stole across the campus. I thought for sure they would head in the direction of the Manor to greet all the grandmas and grandpas, but I was mistaken. They turned towards the Casa Convent. What were they up to? As I was already headed in that direction, I had the perfect opportunity to find out. Nonchalantly, I approached the group, now huddled on the front porch. As I drew near, I saw bright yellow sunflowers as big as their heads within their tiny hands and a few smaller flowers as well. The minute I was spotted, one of the little girls hopped forward with an eager smile: “Sa-pize!” Laughing, Sister Lourdes, immediately said, “Great practice! But that’s not the right sister.” Scrunching up her little face, she looked up, “Where is see? When will see come?” The little entourage was a small delegation sent from Hayden Child Care Center to wish the local superior a happy feastday. Soon, the “right sister” appeared and was greeted with joyful squeals of “Sa-pize!” from eight little voices and presented with bright yellow sunflowers from the children’s own garden. The joy was tangible as they mutually enjoyed the day’s surprise. May you, too, encounter surprises from Our Lord throughout your day.

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