I raced out of my morning meeting and flew down the hall. The offices were mostly dark and closed up. As I crossed the open meadow situated in the center of the campus, a quiet peacefulness seemed to predominate. There was no one in view as I made a beeline for the Chapel. I knew something special was awaiting me there and I made a quick prayer that I would be open to the graces that lay ahead.

The Chapel was packed to standing room only: staff, residents, families and visitors had all gathered to draw near to a little wooden box no larger than a piece of carry-on luggage. What was so special about this box that caused so many people to come? On this wooden box with a little drawer was first written out the “Little Way.” Yes, this box served as the desk of St. Therese of Lisiuex and from this desk she penned her “Story of a Soul.” The beauty and simplicity of the desk struck me, but what stood out the most was its size. It seemed too small to be the instrument used for writing such a treasure.

But then I thought, isn’t that the way Our Lord works? Doesn’t He normally pick out the small and insignificant to be His chosen instruments? Is that not the heart of the Little Way of Therese? What a privilege to approach this small desk and renew a little wonder. Wonder at God’s grace, wonder at our littleness, wonder at the beauty of God’s grace working in our littleness. I thank God for such a large gifts in such a little package.

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