Reflections on Catholic Healthcare

His name is Cecil. Most of the day, he sits quite content upon his perch, chirping away. Occasionally, he rouses himself to bathe in his small bowl of water or explore the cage’s height and depth.

Not common to this area, Cecil is a brown canary with a beautiful blend of brown and brilliant yellows. But more beautiful than that is the look on his owner’s face when he speaks of his feathered friend. “I named him Cecil because that is my middle name,” he humbly explains. “I never got much use out of it and you don’t hear it much, so I thought I would put it to good use. His singing is lovely, don’t you think?”


Peacefully, the two of them gaze out the window upon the fresh garden view. One in his recliner, the other on his perch, there seems to be almost a tangible bond between the two. The rare bird with the uncommon name has become a familiar friend, companion, and the source of a deeper connection to the Community that surrounds him.

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