On May 24, 2011, the Carmelite Sisters, Julie Andrews, and numerous guests gathered to witness the introduction of The Rose Gardens, an overall transforming project that will result in our complete Neighborhood of Care where we will provide the dignified care that our cherished elders deserve.  We invite you to view photos and read an article that describes this significant and collaborative event.  

How can that May 24, 2011 evening at the California Club in Los Angeles, California be best described?  It certainly was a unique mix of guests with the nuns in flowing brown habits and veils, men and women from throughout the greater Los Angeles area and, of course, the guest of honor.  Julie Andrews ummed up the beautiful evening in her eloquent adn precise observation- It was “an evening of collaboration.”

What would gather such a diverse crowd?  Veils and suits, well-known faces together with nuns’ smiles mingled amiable with a sense of anticipation in the air.  strains of oh-so-familiar music drifted through the rooms fro ma piano where a young sister was softly playing songs from “The Sound of Music.”

The purpose of the gathering was presented: To introduce The Rose Gardens at Santa Teresita: A Neighborhood of Care, a new model of eldercare based upon the timeless principles of family life.  A brief description of the building project was given, but what was said could not compare with what was experienced.  Lisa Stevens of Wells Fargo eloquently expressed her support of the sisters and brought to life the mission and vision of The Rose Gardens at Santa Teresita.  Julie shared her personal experience of the loving, professional care that the Carmelite Sisters had given to a dear friend of hers.  The Julie sat down and listened as the sisters presented their message in song. 

As the verses of the song, “The Rose” were sung, images of belowved family members in need of tender care in their last years came to mind of many guests as they witnessed the Carmelite Sisters, women passionately dedicated to giving their lives in service to their loved ones as they sang.  The music reached to the heart and communicated more powerfully than anything else the commitment of the Sisters in caring for the elderly in a way that is a continuation of family life.

On the silver screen, Julie Andrews has touched countless hearts.  That night in the lovely surroundings of the California Club, she collaborated with the Carmelite Sisters in their mission and offered an invitation to all those present to do the same.

Thank you, Julie, for introducing The Rose Gardens at Santa Teresita: A Neighborhood of Care.

Thank you, Wells Fargo, for making this significant and transformative evening possible.

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