Sunday, June 5, 2010
St. Joseph Chapel

It was June 5, 2010, the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, and Santa Teresita continued its 80-year tradition of honoring Christ with a procession. Following the Mass, Sisters, residents, friends, benefactors, families, and guests, young and old, met in St. Joseph Chapel to praise God. The Corpus Christi process consists of moving throughout the campus, singing and praising God, and receiving His Benediction at various altars, set up and beautifully decorated throughout the campus.

“Down in adoration falling, Lo! the sacred Host we hail,” the voices of our elders sang out together with all the participants, as they made their way from St. Joseph Chapel to the first altar. Two-by-two the group processed prayerfully and reverently. Some could no longer kneel, so their worship was instead revealed in their eyes. At the first altar all stood silent and still, even the youngest ones who strew the rose petals before the Lord; all stood, adoring.

Christ’s love was made visible as all came together, united in His body and extending hands to those help in need. The procession continued to the Bethany patio area and the verses of each hymn seemed to fade one right into the other. At the second altar the sun shone brightly, providing a natural spotlight on the monstrance. The crowd parted to allow the priest and Jesus to come through. Again, all fell silent, recollecting themselves in the presence of Our Lord.

Yes, the Blessed Sacrament was also carried in procession throughout the corridors of the Manor, bringing Christ to those who, because of infirmity, could not join in the actual procession.

It is this beautiful spirit of faith that animates the lives of our elders. From them, the rest of us watch, learn and live.

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