Santa Teresita

sponsored by the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles, is a 12-acre Neighborhood of Care for seniors in need of assisted living or skilled nursing services – a striking witness to our mission of being “at the service of your family for life.”

Our Neighborhood of Care

Assisted Living

Good Shepherd Cottage Assisted Living services at Santa Teresita provide assistance and care for our cherished elders who may need assistance with activities of daily living. The first cottage of our developing Neighborhood of Care is located on 12 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds nestled in the foothills of the majestic San Gabriel Mountains. Senior living at the Good Shepherd Cottage at Santa Teresita features a cottage-like home built in the “Craftsman Style” of architects Charles and Henry Greene who designed countless of their trademark Craftsman’s Style homes in nearby Pasadena.

Skilled Nursing

The Manor at Santa Teresita is a 24-hour skilled nursing center that specializes in nursing and rehabilitation services for seniors. The Carmelite Sisters, together with a devoted nursing and rehabilitation staff, are committed to providing the highest quality of individualized care for each person. The Manor Skilled Nursing offers residents breath-taking views of the San Gabriel Mountains and access to courtyards and gardens throughout our Neighborhood of Care’s beautiful and spacious grounds, which promote healing and wellness.

Rehabilitation Services

Ranging from gentle strengthening to assertive post-surgical care, the rehabilitation services at Santa Teresita focus on improving the quality of life of those we serve. By increasing our patients’ independence in self care, ambulation and communication, their sense of self-worth is preserved and enhanced. Therapists and patients experience loving companionship as they journey together through the rehabilitation process.

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What’s Happening Now

Not So Ordinary Day

It was an ordinary morning that was not so ordinary. This is what I mean … I woke up with the same weekday routine of getting out of bed, morning prayers and the usual self-talk that if nothing else went right today, at least I had made it thus far without a glitch.

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May Crowning

Celebration was in the air. It was the day before Mother’s Day and while the clouds were thick overhead, the air surrounding the Santa Teresita campus was thick with hymns of praise, joy and laughter.

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Messy, messy, messy…and fun!

Gooey white goop…after mixing up that concoction of corn starch and water…now, pick up some in your hands…is it solid or is it liquid? WAIT! It is BOTH! It is called Ooblek! Try it at home!

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A Letter to My Big Sister, Therese

Therese, you taught us to put all of our confidence in our Loving Father. Thanks for making this so clear and tangible on your special day. Please keep sending our way a shower of roses from heaven.

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Home in Mary’s Embrace

A Day in the Life of Santa...
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My Mom, Betty Martin, informed her children that she wanted to leave her current living situation to come to Santa Teresita and be with the Carmelite Sisters and a Catholic community. This was so important to her that we made it happen without further ado.

She moved in with the first 7 residents and our whole family is rejoicing. Not only is this the best thing for Mom, but it has been a wonderful boost to the faith of our whole family.

Thank you, dear Sisters. You have heard the call of the Lord to care for the elderly as they prepare for the greatest passage in their lives – heaven. We’re wondering if Mom is already there!!

Lisa Ferguson

Former Resident Family Member

We chose Santa Teresita because both of my parents were Catholic, and we wanted to make sure that the spiritual well-being of my parents would be taken care of. We also chose Santa Teresita because of the level of health care provided by the Carmelites. On a scale of 1 to 10 stars, I would give Santa Teresita 20.

…Our experience at Santa Teresita was outstanding. It was directed by God to have Mom and Dad go there- no doubt about it. My family and I had the opportunity to experience a little taste of what Santa Teresita has to offer, and they provide services in many other areas. To anyone who may be interested in Santa Teresita, I would recommend that they absolutely consider it as a possibility for care.

Bill Curtin

Former Resident's Family Member

I chose to come to Santa Teresita because they have nuns, and you don’t find that in many retirement places. I had been in Avila Gardens where Sister Shawn Pauline is, and I loved it there. That was my start with the Sisters. Then from Avila I went to Bethany, and then I came here. I’ve been very happy in every place I’ve been. It’s so convenient to everything.

My favorite thing about Santa Teresita is companionship, perhaps a combination of companionship and the food; really, the whole set up! It’s very peaceful here. We get together for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In fact, one of my daughters, Karen, is coming tomorrow night to help with the cooking! She loves to cook!

Anne O'Brien

Former Resident